Saturday, January 24, 2004

Why are some nights better than others to view the sky? 

If the Moon is 'up' the background sky is brighter because moon-light reflects off particles in the air.

Faint objects don't stand out as well, and detail is lost when viewing planets.

The best nights for viewing faint astronomical objects are when the Moon is 'down' at the time the desired object is 'up.' Of course - if you want to view the Moon, then come on a night whne it is 'up'!!

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Moon Phases for January/February 2004. 

Data for Sundown Observatory, Ballandean QLD AUSTRALIA

Phases of Moon – January/February 2004; times are Australian Eastern Standard Time(AEST)

Full Moon Last quarter New moon First quarter
Date/Time Viewing of faint objects
FM 08.01.2004 1:40 AM Poor
LQ 15.01.2004 2:46 PM Good
NM 22.01.2004 7:05 AM Great
FQ 29.01.2004 4:03 PM Fair

FM 06.02.2004 6:47 PM Poor
LQ 13.02.2004 11:39 PM Good
NM 20.02.2004 7:17 PM Great
FQ 28.02.2004 1:24 PM Fair

astronomy in the Queensland (Australia) "Granite Belt" 

* latitude S 28° 49' 05" longitude E 151° 48' 36" elevation 710m
* astronomy for pleasure, education and research
* main telescope - 18" (46 cm) dia.; 2nd telescope - 14" (35 cm) dia.

Sundown Observatory, 389 Sundown Road, BALLANDEAN Qld 4382

Inside Australia: 07 4684 1192 (tel/fax), Outside Australia: +61 7 4684 1192

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